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Flooded or Damp Cellars

Are you suffering from dampness or flooding of your basement?

It is not unusual to find dampness and flooding problems in the basements ad cellars of older type houses in South Manchester and Cheshire. Many Victorian semi and  terrace houses suffer from dampness in the cellar where the house is nearest to the water table.

Chestergate Basement Transformations specialises in controlling the water that can penetrate your cellar by using professional time-proven pump-sump and barrier systems which protect the internal fabric of your cellar or basement from dampness. We will transform your basement in to a well ventilated and lit environment which is pleasant and healthy to live in.  Our team are expert in  applying systems that will allow equalisation of water pressure ensuring walls and masonry can breathe naturally.

Dampness is the main reason many people leave their cellars or basements unused. Anything which is stored there will become mouldy and electronic equipment will be damaged. In order to utilise this potential extra luxury to your house, dampness prevention is of course very important.

We can transform what was once a damp, useless space into a quality living area for use as a playroom, home cinema, gym, or bedroom adding value and enjoyment to your home.

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Protect your basement from flooding and damp

Here at Chestergate Basement Transformations we use  a wide range of sump pump station systems which we can match to meet your particular basement conditions.

We use the market leading Delta Sump Pumping system. The pumping stations collect ground water and control management systems are installed under the cavity drainage membrane.

Ground water is guided to the pumping station by the water controlled management system installed in the new basement/cellar floor and it is then safely pumped away keeping the fabric of your basement dry. A control system monitors and manages all water levels and battery back up in the event of a power supply failure. We will design in non-return valves, high level alarms etc. to ensure you have a system you can rely on.


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