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Cellar Conversion Specialists Manchester

cellar conversions Manchester

We are specialists in transforming damp cold cellars into high quality bright living space. We have an in-depth experience of creating innovative, practical designs for your cellar transformation and undertaking the building work and in particular managing ground water and potential flood risk with reliable sump, pump and monitoring technology. With very high house prices in many areas of Manchester it makes sense to maximise your living space by constructing or converting a cellar in your home or commercial property.

Why use a Cellar Specialist?

A competent building company can create a cellar room which looks good and is structurally sound. However, how long will it take for dampness or flooding to cause major problems. As cellar specialists we have an in-depth understanding of the management water table effects through the use of specialist

cellar conversion in Manchester

membranes, sumps, pumps and automatic control and monitoring systems. Our other specialist skills include the lighting of cellar rooms to create a bright and natural environment.

We ensures your cellar rooms whether a bedroom, gym, bathroom , kitchen or office will remain a healthy and beautiful living space.

Why Relocate when you can Extend Underground

Many character and period buildings in have no further potential to be extended above ground level. By extending below ground you can add space, versatility and value to your property. It makes sense to use a company with a long and successful track record of converting, excavating and building cellars in residential and commercial property.

New Build Projects

When you are planning a new build residential or commercial project in Manchester contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements for cellar level rooms or under croft garaging.

Design and Build Excellence for your Cellar in Manchester

As the leading cellar specialist company in the Manchester we have an unrivalled knowledge and experience in cellar excavation, cellar conversions and cellar construction. Your vision will be achieved through the quality of our design tailored to your requirements and our quality of work. We use only the best available materials and ground water control systems to protect your property and your investment into the future.

With hundreds of cellar conversions completed to date we have built an outstanding reputation for stunning design, building water tight cellars, top quality finish and a professional and friendly service.

Call Neil at Chestergate Cellar Transformation and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements, site survey or quotation. 0161 929 5858

One of our recent projects can be seen below:

Flooded Cellar?

We Can Help...

If your cellar has flooded and you need a fast resolution to the problem we can help you. Our team of experts can will provide you with help and advice in order to get your cellar back in shape.

cellar conversions Manchester

Call our office on: 0161 929 5858
Or one of our surveyors on: 0797 417 2034

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